High-performance fixtures increase spacing criteria for wider light distribution and application versatility

Kimberly Lighting, LLC lighting components have committed to ongoing enhancements, both in features and manufacturing technology, to deliver improved products to its customers – and end users – for many years to come. First, it was achievements in injection molding. Then superior gasketing technology. Later, raw materials advancements led to an array of latches and the toughest lenses in the industry. Most recently, a gear tray was introduced to reduce part requirements and fixture weight.

Now, Kimberly Lighting, LLC is pleased to announce a new reflector to increase the performance of its latest LED enclosure line. Easy to incorporate this new product is available in 2 ft. and 4 ft. options with the latest in LED Natural Daylight technology.

Reflector Features

  • .020 nominal thickness
  • 95% reflectivity
  • Economically fabricated on CNC turret press
  • Provided with a protective film for easy handling
  • The surface is absolutely free of interference colors
  • Offers outstanding UV stability


  • Improved performance
  • Fixture efficiency increased 7%
  • Increased lumen levels in the 0-90 Zone. Improved color rendition over HID fixtures
  • Batwing distribution provides uniform horizontal illumination
  • Increased spacing criteria. Wider light distribution can require fewer fixtures
  • Efficacy improved by 10%
  • Contractor friendly retrofit
  • Gasketed Enclosure Fixture Performance