Help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other contagious diseases
at work, in stores, and any other gathering places.

Kimberly’s automated Health Safety Kiosk automatically reads body temperatures and reports results. People feel comfortable with this discrete, non-invasive method of taking temperatures. This non-contact, temperature-reading kiosk (also available with hand sanitizer) can detect elevated temperatures of an individual standing within 3.5 feet.

The Health Safety Kiosk helps reassure employees, customers, and visitors that your business is taking steps to keep them safe. Additionally, you can free up staff time for other tasks – such as to help customers and grow your business!






  • Protect employees, visitors, and clients in stores, offices, and other gathering places
  • Prevent illness from spreading throughout the workplace
  • Eliminate the need to use an employee for temperature monitoring
  • Reduce the spread of germs caused by physical contact
  • Heightens the comfort level of employees, visitors, and clients
  • Support good hand hygiene with automated hand sanitizer dispenser

Kiosk Features

  • Rapid temperature reading
  • Non-contact
  • Fully automated 
  • Automated hand sanitizer dispenser (for the khsk-t-hs-500 model)
  • Provides a verbal warning or success message with LED visual indicators
  • Supports multilingual languages to announce possible temperature issues
  • Detects user’s body temperature within 3.5 feet of kiosk 
  • Customizable thresholds for acceptable temperature 
  • Facial recognition allows for entry to previously evaluated individuals
  • Integrates with your access control system (gates and doors)
  • Recognizes and alerts if a person is not wearing protective mask
  • Monitors use and access entry in real-time from your phone or computer






Product Size 255*265*1570mm
Unlock time 0.5s
Unlock speed 60p/m
Temperature measurement distance <0.5 m
Face Operating System Android/Linux
Temperature measurement range 30-45 (°C)
Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.3 (°C)
Face authorization 20,000 faces
Input voltage 100V-277V
Driving voltage DC 12V/3A
Power 20w
Ambient temperature 0°C – +50°C
Surface treatment High gloss paint

Q. Will Kimberly Heath Kiosk save my company money?
A. Yes, Kimberly Heath Kiosk keeps your employees safe by keeping sick persons out of your facility which could cause company closures or multiple missing sick days.

Q. Will Kimberly Health Kiosk confront my customers if they are not wearing a mask or if they have a high temperature?
A. Yes, The Kimberly Health Kiosk will send a verbal warning to customer or employee in real time also alerts management.

Q. Does your customer or employee need to physically touch the kiosk to operate?
A. The Kimberly Kiosk is 100% touchless.

Q. How close does a person need to be to get an accurate reading.
A. The Kimberly Health Kiosk will give you an accurate reading up to 3.5 feet away.

Q. Does the Kimberly Health Kiosk come programed?
A. The Kimberly Kiosk needs to be integrated into your server and can be customize for management. This can be don’t easily with your IT team.

Q. Can I contact Kimberly directly for support?
A. Yes, Once you purchase the Kimberly Health Kiosk you will have full support from the Kimberly support team.