We are committed to protecting the environment

Kimberly is Serious About Preserving the Environment and Protecting the Planet

Every year, old lighting fixtures, bulbs and support products are changed out for newer systems and products. Outdated lighting fixtures and bulbs contain toxic chemicals and products that are damaging to the environment.

When these products end up in a landfill or garbage facility, the chemicals and harmful products are deposited into the environment – releasing a harmful material into the air and ground.

Kimberly Lighting is committed to providing full and proper recycling of all lighting materials. Once we remove old lighting fixtures, bulbs and other products from your facility, we recycle all redundant products

Out with the old, in with the new

We replace those old products with new, 100% environmentally-safe LED Lighting components; helping the environment by replacing something unhealthy with a healthier product.


Recycling drop-off center

We are committed to protecting the environment and have established our own recycling drop-off center. Bring by your CFL, fluorescent lights, metal halide and HPS lighting to our facility:

Facility Address: 5827 Terex, Clarkston, MI 48346.
* We do audit a charge for this service.

Please call us @ 1-888-480-0070 for details