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Commitment to Sustainability

Kimberly LED Lighting’s commitment to sustainability earned us the prestigious 2016 Johnson Control Sustainability Award.

Our extensive work outfitting multiple Johnson Control facilities with LED products saved them hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours in energy, while also improving the quality of their lighting.

Johnson Controls recognized our commitment to sustainability by distinguishing us with this great honor.

A commitment to the environment

  • We produce environmentally-driven, environmentally clean products
  • Our products have a lower carbon footprint than
    any other lighting product
  • We also provide full recycling of existing features, saving tons of garbage from landfills and keeping harsh chemicals out of the environment

A commitment to energy efficient products

  • Our LED Lighting systems provides 60-80% overall energy savings when compared to traditional lighting products

A commitment to the long-life of the product

  • Our LED lighting products last 50,000 – 70,000 hours, longer than any other lighting systems on the market

2016 Johnson Control Sustainability Award

Lets us show you what our Commitment to Sustainability can mean for your business.
Kimberly LED Lighting’s Unparalleled Guarantee: A Full 50,000-Hour Warranty on Replacement AND on Labor to Replace Defective Products.