Per month


in energy savings
Per year


in energy savings


in lifetime savings

Current Lighting: 2,455,689 KW

24/7 Factory Area

T5 Fluorescent Linear Highbays

1,658,836 kwh per year

Linear Fluorescent T12/T8 Tubes

289,624 kwh per year (4ft/u-tubes)


12/7 Office Area

Linear Fluorescent T8/T12

322,624 kwh per year (4ft/u-tubes)

6 inch cans

6,765 kwh per year (4ft/u-tubes)


12/7 Exterior Lighting

Metal halide wallpacks

16,792 kwh per year

Metal halide floods

13,880 kwh per year

Metal halide parking lot

147,168 kwh per year

Proposed Lighting: 988,104 KW

24/7 Factory Area

LED linear highbay fixtures

678,024 kwh per year (980,812 Savings)

Linear LED tubes

143,980 kwh per year (145,644 Savings)


12/7 Office Area

Linear LED tubes

89,880 kwh per year (232,744 Savings)

LED cans

3,220 kwh per year (3,545 Savings)


12/7 Exterior Lighting

LED wall packs

12,120 kwh per year (4,672 Savings)

LED floods

6,440 kwh per year (7,440 Savings)

LED parking lot

54,440 kwh per year (92,728 Savings)

Total Savings – 1,467,585 KW

Labor Savings

Continued benefits of
changing to LED

Changing from current lighting to LED eliminates labor costs and time needed maintaining current lighting systems.
Changing to Kimberly LED means a full 50,000 hr. labor and replacement warranty. Kimberly handles all labor changing out defective product saving you time and money over the full 50,000 hr. product life.


Better/Cleaner Light

  • Changing to LED brings 100% environmentally safe lighting to your facility
  • Provides much higher lumens per watt than fluorescent or metal halide
  • Better CRI (83-90)
  • leverages a lighting system with the longest life of any lighting product
  • We will increase the fc to an average of 32 – 35 fc

Huge material cost savings


Metal halide and Fluorescent lamps only have a life of up to 10,000 hours where Kimberly product is guaranteed for 50,000 hours.
Metal halide and Fluorescent lamps need ballasts to power the product. Ballasts not only take up power but also cost a lot of money to replace and last up to 20,000 hours where LED’s do not need a ballast.