Auto dealerships, parking lots, walkways, roadways, campuses, facade lighting, grocery stores and other public areas.

  • The one-piece die-cast aluminum housing with UV resistant polycarbonate optical lens, outstanding corrosion protection.
  • Voltage is 120-277V & 347/480V
  • Suitable for mounting heights ranging from 18-36‘ in area lighting applications
  • Lumen output from 9000-40000lm with efficacy up to 130lm/W.
  • Round pole and square pole mounting, direct wall mounting, slipfitter mounting options available
  • Long lasting with lifespan 50,000 hrs
  • Fixtures are IP66 rated and suitable for use in ambients from -40°C to 45 °C(-40°F to 113°F).
  • Various distribution patterns including Type III and Type IV and Type V
  • UL Wet location listed and DLC qualified


Optional photocontrol allows for further energy saving.

Standard Arm Control

The design features an integral arm, increasing strength and simplifying installation.


Features a compact, one-piece die cast housing, saving costs versus models that are extruded or cast and require additional parts. The heat sink is included in the actual casting, further minimizing the need for additional parts.

PIR Sensor

Optional PIR sensor allows for security and energy saving

LED Light Engine

IP66 rated LED light engine eliminates the need for a glass lens for maximum light output. Use of latest generation LEDs means more light from fewer LEDs, resulting in lower costs.

Small Size:


Medium Size:


Large Size: