Kimberly Lighting conducts an on-site or blueprint assessment of your current lighting to establish a current state cost. This includes luminaires and ballasts, hours of operation, kWh usage, and carbon emission reduction.

We also discuss lighting options that include color temperature, color rendering index, spread, and foot candle requirements.


With the information gathered from the Site Assessment, we conduct a financial analysis that focuses on ROI, Payback, and accumulated savings.

& Rebates

Next, we provide a financial summary for both purchasing and leasing scenarios and identify cost savings, ROI and fiscal benefits from using your inherited system.

We will also analyze available rebates by auditing utility, federal, state and local opportunities.

& Dispose

We deliver your products and co-ordinate with your installer. Or, if you need a service professional, we have a network of licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractors nationwide.

& Replace

Our work is covered by our unparalleled guarantee: A Full 50,000-Hour warranty on replacement & on labor to replace defective products.

If your facility requires repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us.